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About my comprehensive technical website review.
Before you begin on a journey it’s a great idea to know exactly where you are, where you are going and how you are going to get there.  It is also a good idea to get your vehicle checked out by a mechanic to see what kind of condition. . The same is true for your website and new design project. Just because you did something a certain way in the past, or that it seems to be working fine as far as you can tell, or that you find other sites doing something a certain way does not mean it’s the best way to do it or what you should be doing too.

Bad code errors and warnings
Load time and optimization problems
Organic SERP (ranking) for your top key words
Code platform weaknesses or problems
Design errors and weaknesses
Page, folder naming problems
User friendliness
Mobile friendliness
Multi device with 100’s of view screen size responsive friendliness
Search engine friendliness
301 Redirection
404 error which is affect the website rank on goolge
Google Webmaster support
Google Tag manager
Back link analysis
Content duplication
Message clarity
Menu type, usage and friendliness
Call to action strength and clarity
Conversion strength and potential

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